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Simple XML Compiler

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SXC (Simple XML Compiler) allows you to created optimized parsers and writers for XML. Through a declarative API you're able to tell SXC what type of XML to expect and what actions to associate with it. It is licensed under the CDDL.


SXC currently includes 3 frontends

  • JAXB: The SXC JAXB implementation includes a new runtime which builds a on the JAXB RI to provide optimized XML parsers/writers at runtime. This can result in a 3x performance improvement!
  • XPath: This module will compile your XPath expressions down to an optimized streaming XML parser. Not only is this significantly faster, it allows multiple XPath events to be triggered while you read over an XML stream.
  • Drools: The Drools frontend works in conjunction with the XPath frontend to allow you to write rules based on XPath expressions in a high performance fashion.

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